Mission & Vision

Our mission is to combat cyber crime & frauds through raising awareness among individuals, community and organisations with the knowledge, skills, and digital content necessary to protect themselves from online threats and cyber criminals. Our objective to reach individuals and organisations though educational programs, seminars, workshops, and digital content resources.

We aim to promote responsible online behaviour, encourage the adoption of safe online & secure cyber practices, and collaborate with industry experts, community, law enforcement agencies, and private & government officials to combat cyber crime and frauds.


Our vision is to enable the society, at large, to become more resilient and secure digitally, wherein individuals and organisations can safely and confidently use technology to connect, learn, and undertake business without the fear of being victims of cyber crime and frauds.

We envision a future where cyber security is a shared responsibility, and where everyone is equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to protect themselves from online threats & frauds. We strive to create a culture of cyber security awareness and preparedness that fosters innovation, trust, and confidence in the digital world.

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